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Will my boat insurance cover me if for some reason my boat sinks?

If you live in Niceville, FL, you have access to beautiful weather the entire year and some of the best water for boating. It may seem like a no-brainer that you should own your own boat so you can get the most enjoyment possible out of your life. At Love Insurance Services, we applaud the people who take advantage of the sunshine in the best way possible by going out on the water.

Protecting your boat is important, but not everyone has boat insurance. Florida law doesn’t require insurance, so you may not have thought about it. However, if something happens, you may find yourself making hard choices with the loss of your boat. 

Liability Insurance

Even if you have insurance, you need to understand what kinds of protections you have. Liability insurance is the most popular because it will protect you if you cause injury to someone else. In those cases, your liability boat insurance will pay out for property damage or medical bills you cause.  Sadly, liability insurance will not help you for damages or the loss of your own boat.

When Boat Sinking Is Not Covered

Even if you have coverage for damages, there are certain circumstances where your insurance will probably not pay. The most common is negligence, where you are the cause of the boat sinking. For instance, a boat could sink because the owner did not maintain it properly. You may also not have protection based on certain other factors, such as location or weather conditions. 

Reach Out To Us

Living in Niceville, FL is a little like living in paradise, and you don’t want to have unnecessary problems. We at Love Insurance Services can help you have the protection you need to keep enjoying your boat.

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